Watershed Draft Plan Introduced

With exploratory gas operations slated within the watersheds of Grand Junction and Palisade, the parent oil and gas company along with several municipalities have been collaborating to draft a plan dealing with many issues.

Public meetings on the community development plan began last December and after months of taking public comment and collaborative efforts with Genesis Oil and Gas, Mesa County, the Town of Palisade and the City of Grand Junction among others, all that has ended up in this 60 page document.

The draft plan, introduced Monday at Grand Junction's City Council's afternoon workshop, addresses many concerns raised by residents.

These include communication with all parties involved, mitigation and best management practices and, of course, reducing risk of possible contamination of the watersheds of Grand Junction and Palisade.

It's important to mention that the document is currently non–binding, but this is one area that will be looked at before a final plan is put together.

"I think there needs to be signatures on the document, stating that we have read it, and agree with what's in there and will follow it to the best of our abilities," Palisade's Mayor Doug Edwards said.

If you haven't been able to submit your comments on this process, there's still time.

Palisade will be hosting a public meeting on Wednesday the 26th and residents will be able to ask direct questions.

You can download the draft plan by clicking on the link below.

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