Local Woman Is "Paying It Forward"

Once a victim of a violent crime, a Grand Valley woman is now doing everything in her power to pay it forward.

Roger Allenkling can't help but smile and that's because Carol Perry has answered his prayers and bought him a year long bus pass.

It was all made possible through the Charlie Taylor Foundation which Perry started to help those in need.

During Thanksgiving Perry set up boxes and asked people to write down what they needed.

Allenkling is just one of the many people who responded, and says the bus pass will just make his life a lot easier.

So far the Charlie Taylor Foundation has helped around a dozen people. From getting inhalers to fixing teeth and one person will even receive cataract surgery.

Perry hopes her foundation will become a one stop shop for those in need.

Fourteen years ago Perry was the victim of a violent crime. She was pushed off a balcony in Panama City and left for dead for three days. The attack left Perry with brain damage. Many people helped Perry recover from her attack and that's why she formed the Charlie Taylor Foundation which is named after her father.

For more information on the Foundation log onto www.thectf.org.

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