Bond Issue To Yield Another New School

The $109M bond project for School District 51 yielded five new schools in Mesa County, but with several factors coming together including under budget projects, there will soon be a sixth new school.

The new building is actually replacing one that's in dire need of updates and once built will actually consolidate two existing schools.

On Tuesday night, District 51 school board members approved appropriations for the process of replacing Columbine Elementary School to begin.

Columbine is a relic, built back in 1926 and was in need of about $7M in repairs. But thanks to several bond projects coming in under budget and remaining funds from bond premiums and interest, the district now has $10M for a new building and once complete Columbine and Lincoln Park Elementary will be consolidated into one school.

This building could also become the first green school in the district, meaning it's design will have several elements that will adapt to the environment.

The district is looking to begin design work as soon as possible, with construction beginning this fall and open for students by the fall of 2008.