Nation's Colleges Mourn Virginia Tech Victims

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College students across the country are holding vigils for those killed Monday at Virginia Tech.

At Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, a student rang a hand-held bell 33 times inside the school's chapel. Student Body President Scott Gordon says he and the others at the memorial Tuesday are keeping the shooting victims ``in our thoughts and prayers.''

At Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, the services were for victim Daniel O'neil, who graduated from Lafayette last May and was a Grad Student at Virginia Tech. School President Daniel Weiss, in a posting on Lafayette's web site, says O'neil's death has left a ``deep sense of loss in our community.''

At the University of Texas, the campus clock tower will remain dark each night through Thursday to honor the Virginia Tech victims. It was from that 27-story tower in 1966 that sniper Charles Whitman gunned down 16 people.