Arrest Warrant Issued For Grand Junction Athletic Director

The Grand Junction Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for Grand Junction High School's Athletic Director on charges of Internet child solicitation. And it was all part of a criminal investigation sparked by 11 News Colorado.

Authorities won't say where John Walker is, but say he is out of town. They are asking him to turn himself in by Thursday, or they will contact officials where he is and have them arrest him.

In late March 11 News received a package from an anonymous source who claimed they had met 48–year–old John Walker online while posing as a 14–year–old girl. The person also sent a CD containing sexually explicit online conversations between the two.

11 News turned the package over to the police and from there the investigation was underway.

The CD 11 News gave police had 35 pages of sexually explicit chat logs on it and included pictures.

Police say the evidence 11 News gave them was enough to sign an arrest warrant Wednesday.

Walker was placed on administrative leave from School District 51 on April 4th.

To watch an in-depth story on the Walker investigation click on video included in the link below.

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