Escapee Sentenced To 27 Years

The man who escaped from the Mesa County Jail in February is sentenced to more than 25 years in the Department of Corrections.

As part of a plea agreement, Jesus Holguin was sentenced to 27 years plus parole. In court Wednesday morning a tearful Holguin pleaded with the judge to reduce his 27 year sentence, saying it was a bad deal because his only choice was to do the 27 years or risk getting life. Holguin also took time to apologize to his sobbing family and said escaping from jail is something that he's going to regret for the rest of his life.

Judge Bottger told Holguin that he's to blame for putting himself in a position with no good choices and stood firm on his sentence.

Because Holguin was being held at the Mesa County Jail he will receive credit for 541 days.

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