Windy Weather Rips Through Valley

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High winds swept through the Grand Valley all day on Wednesday. This weather caused damage and problems across the valley.

Wind speeds topped out at about 63 miles per hour and at Red Mountain Pass it got up to 76 miles per hour. This caused several problems all around the Grand Valley.

Near 12th Street and North Avenue, panels were literally ripped off a home. Several power poles were snapped off the ground landing onto roadways, causing traffic back ups. Large branches of a tree actually fell on top of a home, luckily no one was injured.

This wacky weather also caused some problem for local sporting events.

Little League Umpire, Daniel Dibble says, "Its definitely some of the craziest, windiest weather I have ever seen as an umpire. Some of the fouls may haven't of really been fouls if it hadn't been for the wind."

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