Wind Storm Leaves Behind Big Mess

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The wind storm that ripped through the Grand Valley on Wednesday left behind a lot of destruction, and this means a lot of cleaning up to do.

It started off as a normal evening for the Smith family, but then they heard a loud crash as a tree came crashing down in their front yard.

Jeff Hopkins, who lives in the home says, "It shook the whole house, it sounded like thunder."

The one hundred year old tree was no match for the 63 mile per hour winds that ripped it out of the ground. The Smith family says there were a lot of things in the trees path, but luckily nothing was struck or smashed.

Hopkins says, "The dogs were out back, one limb came really close to hitting the dog. Another branch just missed our pick up truck, we got lucky."

This family is even luckier that the massive tree didn't land on their home. If it had, Hopkins says he probably wouldn't be here.

Now starts the long process of clean up as the family removes one branch at a time with a single chain saw. At this rate, Smith says, the project could take a month. "

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