Middle School Locked Down, High School Evacuated on Columbine Anniversary

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Denver (AP) A middle school near the State Capitol is on lock down. While in a separate incident, a high school is evacuated after officials say ``something went off'' behind the building.

No injuries have been reported in either incident.

Douglas County Sheriff's spokeswoman Deputy Cocha Heyden says security staff at Ponderosa High School heard the loud noise shortly before 9 a.m., and decided to evacuate the building after a fire alarm sounded.

She says sheriff's deputies found a suspect outside the school who was carrying an unknown device. The device was secured, but authorities did not know what it was.

And a middle school near the state Capitol building is locked down, after students told the principal that a student may have been carrying a gun.

Denver Police Spokeswoman Detective Virginia Quinones, says a juvenile male was arrested at a nearby park.

It's not clear if he was carrying a gun.

Quinones says no weapons were seen in the school.