Seven-Year-Old Finds Marijuana Pipe On School Bus In Palisade

A first grader finds a marijuana pipe on a school bus in Palisade and parents are concerned. Parents say the first grader tried give the pipe to his bus driver but he wouldn't take it, so he gave it to a fifth grader who brought it home to his parents.

Parents called Laidlaw who said they would look into the matter and then spoke with police who told them to bring the pipe down to the station.

The Palisade Police Department says the first thing they're going to do is check and see if the bus had a security camera. Unfortunately though they say it's unlikely they'll find out whose pipe it is.

Taylor Elementary School students share the same bus as Palisade High students. Parents say they're mad a pipe was found by a first grader and believe the driver should check the bus every day after the high school students get off of it.

School District 51 says they are concerned that a pipe was found, but directed all inquiries to Laidlaw. 11 News called Laidlaw several times but calls were never returned.

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