Should Concealed Weapons be on Campuses?

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Thirty two people died in the Virginia Tech massacre this week. This is spurring many to now take a deeper look at campus safety.

Colorado State Representative Steve King says, "I think that safety is something we need to work at."

Representative King isn't alone in this thought, but many disagree on how to get the job done.

Representative King says, "Unfortunately the first knee jerk reaction is to take guns away from law abiding citizens."

Banning concealed weapons on campus is something a Louisiana State Representative is now pushing for. Sixteen states already ban concealed weapons on college campuses, but in Colorado state law leaves it up to each school to decide. Representative King says allowing people with concealed weapons permits to carry on campus could save lives.

Representative King says, "If one person, one teacher had access to a weapon in this mass murder, they might have been able to defend themselves and who knows how it could turn out."

11 News talked to some Mesa State College students to find out their opinions. All of the students we talked to agreed that students should not be allowed to carry weapons on campus. Yet, many think that teachers should be able to, if they have a concealed weapons permit.

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