Irrigation Ditch Safety

With spring in full swing, irrigation ditches all over the Grand Valley are full and running, but these ditches are not for play.

They look harmless enough and in some cases even refreshing on a hot day, but irrigation ditches and canals hold many dangers, particularly beneath the surface.

"The water moves quick and the currents could suck you under," Bureau of Reclamation spokesperson Justyn Hock said.

A two-year-old boy in Montrose drowned earlier this month while playing near an irrigation ditch with less than two feet of water and the circumstances surrounding the death play directly into a child's curiosity.

"When you're two or three, you don't consider the consequences," Grand Junction Fire Department spokesperson Mike Page said.

To avoid another tragedy and to help keep kids away from these areas, the Bureau of Reclamation in Grand Junction does have a program to educate children, which focuses on several areas.

While experts say there's no way to completely child proof area irrigation canals, they do say education can go a long way.

If you would like to get more information on canal safety you can contact the Bureau of Reclamation by clicking on the link below.