1125 Pets Reunited With Owners Thanks To Animal Services

Last year Mesa County Animal Services reunited 1125 animals with their owners.

In 2006 Mesa County Animal Services helped more animals and assisted more citizens than ever before. The shelter's population is up 23% since 2003.

At the Mesa County Commissioners weekly meeting Animal Services released its annual report for 2006.

Last year the government agency euthanized a total of 2,540 unwanted animals. That included 23 healthy dogs and 219 healthy cats.

The number of animals finding refuge at the shelter has increased by 4.6%, resulting in an average daily impound of 15 animals.

Last year 59 cases of animal cruelty and neglect were prosecuted by Mesa County Animal Services, that's more than double the number in 2005.

The number of animals adopted last year was 1628 and 1125 animals were reunited with their owners.

Mesa County and the City of Grand Junction split the cost of operating Mesa County Animals Services.

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