Judge: Walker Allowed To Travel And Remove GPS Tracking Device

The District Attorney’s Office is concerned after a judge removes bond requirements in the case against Grand Junction High School’s Athletic Director.

John Walker was formally charged Wednesday morning with Internet luring of a child, child enticement and criminal attempt to commit sexual assault on a child.

In court his lawyer asked that the judge remove his GPS tracking device and allow him to travel to the Front Range. Judge Diester granted both requests, and now Walker is walking free without GPS device and has permission to go to the Front Range to be with his family.

In court Walker's lawyer argued that her client's GPS device was expensive, doesn't work properly, and wasn't necessary because he has no prior criminal history and dedicated 17 years of his life to Grand Junction High School Athletics.

But the District Attorney's office argued that the fact he's a school administrator is precisely why he should continue to wear a tracking device.

Walker's attorney also complained that her client was compared to three other men arrested in March during an Internet sting. She said her clients bond shouldn't be affected by those cases because unlike the men arrested, Walker never tried to set up a meeting.

But the District Attorney's Office said Walker was in the same boat as David Landin, John Merritt and Nathan Metzler in the fact that he had chatted online with someone he thought was a minor, and was explicit in regards to what sex acts he wanted to perform the girl.

After making his ruling, Judge Diester told Walker he was, "taking a chance on him" and "hoped he could trust him."

Walker is not allowed to have any contact with anyone under the age of 18. After court 11 News did observe him saying ''hi'' and waiving to some of his former students who were at court covering the story for their school newspaper.

Walker is expected back in court in late June.

11 News sparked the criminal investigation into John Walker after we received correspondence between a person posing as a 14 year old girl and someone identifying themselves as the athletic director.

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