Fallen Soldier Laid To Rest

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Corporal Wade Oglesby was 27 years old. He attended Grand Junction High School and in the years since spent most of his time taking care of his loved ones until he enlisted in the Army three and half years ago. During memorial services on Saturday he was remembered as a man, brother and son.

The flag flew at half mast to honor fallen soldier Corporal Wade Oglesby who was killed in action on April 18th while serving in Iraq. The Humvee he was driving rolled over a buried explosive.

As a way to show appreciation for his sacrifice his hometown of Grand Junction saluted the funeral procession as it made its way down North Avenue. By a horse drawn carriage Oglesby was carried to his place of rest in the Grand Junction Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Members of his Second Infantry Division's Fourth Stryker Brigade were on hand to pay tribute to their fallen comrade, and Oglesby was laid to rest with full military honors.

A poem inside the remembrance card reads, "In mind, body and soul, whether in death or in life we'll remember the sacrifices made, but today we bow our heads in remembrance of a man, a brother and a son. Rest in peace Corporal Wade."

There were two other soldiers in the Humvee with Oglesby when he died. Corporal Michael Rojas of Fresno, California also lost his life. The third person, a commander, lost a limb in the incident.

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