Riding Desert Trails Safely

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The recent rise in temperatures in the Grand Valley is bringing people outdoors, especially to the desert north of Grand Junction where it's become a haven for dirt bike and all terrain vehicle riders. This is not child's play and the consequences of riding unprotected can be deadly.

Warm weather and nice jumps, means perfect conditions for riding in the desert. Riding unprotected can present danger. Officials say that accidents happen often when mixing speed, power and adrenaline.
Dirt bike enthusiast, Drew Guffey knows about this all too well.

Guffey says, "I was riding and I shot too far and then I crushed my chest on the handlebars collapsing my lung. I learned that wearing the right gear, and knowing your limits and know your boundaries is very important."

Many riders say they scope out the trails and jumps first and always have a spotter.

Dirt bike rider, Jason Weeldereyer says, "A spotter just goes to the top of a jump to make sure that it's clear and safe to jump."

Guffey says, "Learn the trails and know that there are a lot of other people out here."

Officials say that most dirt bike and A.T.V accidents happen as a result of too much speed or from not paying attention.

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