ATM Machines Pulled From Go-Fer Foods Stores After Burglary

For the second time in about two weeks a Go–Fer Foods convenience store is burglarized and again the target is an ATM machine.

Go–Fer Foods off Highway 6 & 50 was broken into sometime early Monday morning.

According to police, the burglary is similar to one that took place at a Go–Fer store on North Avenue on April 20th. While no money was stolen in that burglary, police say the two cases are a lot alike because the burglars were able to knock out the alarm system and surveillance cameras, and the thieves apparently possess knowledge of breaking into buildings.

Police are working with the ATM's owner to determine how much money was stolen.

Money was also stolen from the store's safe.

Go–Fer Foods District Manager, Sherri Reed, says in light of recent events they have decided to take all ATM machines out of their four Grand Junction locations.

The ATM involved in Monday's burglary was disassembled and had a hole cut out of its side.

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