District 51 Releases Safety Report

With school safety on the minds of many, District 51 releases its report on ways to make your kids safer in school.

The report compiled by School District 51 is based on data collected since June of 2006 and while there are concerns, District 51 seems to be ahead of game in many areas.

The report indicates that on the whole schools in District 51 rate high in the safety category, but like anything, there are things to improve upon, some of which is already being done.

These include improvement in fencing around buildings, better lighting, increased signage and limiting access to school buildings.

The report also indicates that making sure visitors signing in and out must be enforced by all schools so if something happens, officials don't have to spend time looking for someone who has already left school grounds.

Being the 10th largest district in the state, the report also indicates that District 51 is ahead of the curve in many aspects of safety, in particular, the school resource officer program.

Currently there are nine officers in the district and it's being recommended that more be added.

The SRO program is also something that is being mimicked by school districts around Colorado and school officials add that rating school safety will be an on going process.