Fruita Students Suspended For Controversial Fliers

Two Fruita Monument High School students are suspended for putting controversial fliers on car windshields at school.

The fliers touted the benefits of meth. Griffen Davis and his brother created and distributed 500 fliers placing them on car windshields at Mesa Mall and the Wal–Mart on Rim Rock Drive, and another student then helped Davis distribute them at school.

The fliers claimed meth use is good for weight loss, improving awareness, increasing athletic ability, and curing colds.

Davis says he doesn't use the drug or condone its use, and he only made the fliers because he wanted to make an impact on the community.

Davis told 11 News, "What I was kind of going for was the fact that I used absurd language to bring out absurd thoughts in people. Anyone who really takes that stuff seriously is ridiculous and just pretty much idiotic. The fact that they look at this piece of paper and say hey I can loose weight let's take meth- the fact that they're doing that- they are just idiots."

Davis says he was suspended for two days for disrupting his school's learning environment. The other student who helped pass out the fliers received in-school suspension.

Police say Davis's fliers were irresponsible, but he didn't commit a crime and is protected by freedom of speech.

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