Students Get Money For Swapping Candy For Apples

Kids at Pomona Elementary School are overjoyed, they swapped candy for apples, and video games for exercise; and on Wednesday they were rewarded for it.

Pomona is the first–ever Health Promoting School in District 51, and as a reward they received $1,000 for their commitment to health.

To be a Health Promoting School there's certain criteria students and staff have to follow. Students can only bring healthy snacks to school,
they must participate in physical activity breaks for every 30 minutes of instruction, have fundraisers using no food or healthy foods, and host healthy parties with few to no treats.

Staff and kids at the school agree that attitudes have improved since the changes.

The school plans to use the money to build a new climbing wall in the gym.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans Foundation awarded Pomona the money.

The school district hopes that more schools will be become Health Promoting Schools.

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