Local Business Looks For Deals On Gas So Consumer Doesn't End Up Paying

Prices at the pump in Colorado are breaking the three dollar a gallon mark. One local business is feeling the pain at the pump, but doing what it can to keep from passing on the cost to consumers.

Gas prices in Colorado have risen for the 13th consecutive week. Johnson's House of Flowers is finding they have to shell out the big bucks for delivery. On average they spend $160 in gas just to fill up one van.

Last year to keep up with rising pump prices the flower shop had to increase its delivery fee. They say they don't want to do it again but if prices climb to $4 then they'll have to. But in the mean time Johnson's is always on the lookout for the best price at the pump so that consumer doesn't have to pay.

Analysts say a severe gasoline supply crunch brought on by refinery outages is to blame for the high prices. They say the market is likely to remain tight and therefore cause prices to stay high.

On Thursday Colorado ranked the 15th most expensive state for gas, that's up from last week's.

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