Residents: Mesa County Good Place To Live

Results of a citizen attitude survey are in, and a large majority of residents polled feel Mesa County is a good, safe place to live. But it also shows that residents think traffic and roads are a real problem.

Eighty-two percent of Mesa County residents polled feel that Mesa County is either an excellent or good place to live.

The survey also found that most residents feel safe walking in their neighborhood during the day, but it also revealed that drug abuse in their neighborhood is a top concern.

When residents were asked what county services they thought should receive the most emphasis over the next two years the top four answers were: management of traffic flow on county roads, maintenance and repair of roads, development and land use planning, and zoning enforcement.

The survey also found that 37% of respondents felt county regulations on new development aren't strict enough. And 31% of respondents agreed that the Sheriff's Office should have dedicated traffic enforcement deputies whose sole purpose is enforcement of traffic laws in Mesa County.

The commissioners say the survey will play an important role in serving the community better.

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