Fruita Monument Teacher Remembered

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Fifty two year old Mike Williams was a science teacher at Fruita Monument High School. Last weekend during a field trip to Arches National Park Williams suffered a heart attack and died. He was remembered on Wednesday at Fruita Monument.

The football field was packed with hundreds of people. Some of William's high school and college friends flew in and students from years ago came to honor and say good bye to a friend, teacher, dad and husband.

Mike Williams is remembered as honorable, encouraging and a positive role model, but most of all it was his funky style and love for science. Williams' wife says the family used to read books out loud to one another as they went on road trips to discover all the world has to offer.

Student, Billy Schaefer says, "He was charismatic and outgoing. He'd always talk to us in the halls. He didn't really care about himself, he did for others."

Students say one of their favorite things about Mr. Williams was how he dressed. He always wore flamboyant Hawaiian shirts. So at his memorial it was a sea of Hawaiian shirts to remember the man who always stood out, and not just by the clothes he wore.

Student, Rodney Moyer says, "He just really loved his students and made a impact on all of us."

Some students are putting together a fundraiser called "the hike for Mike" which will take place in June to raise money for the Williams family. if you are interested in taking part you can call Billy at 201-0355.

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