Telluride Says it Has Raised Enough to Buy Private Nearby Land

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Telluride, Colo. (AP) A Hollywood producer and director responsible for many Jim Carrey hits such as "Liar, Liar'' and “Bruce Almighty'' helped Telluride in its effort to buy a 570-acre parcel of land and preserve it as open space.

The land's owner, Neal Blue, says through an attorney that the fight isn't over yet.

Tom Shadyac donated $2 million to help the town council and valley floor preservation partners reach their goal of $50 million dollars to buy the land on the north side of town.

Telluride is using eminent domain to acquire the land and a jury in February valued the land at $50 million and gave officials until May 21st to come up with the money. Officials had raised $26 million. Donors sold personal items, refinanced homes and wrote checks to raise the money.

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