Former Mesa State College Student Turned Filmmaker

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A Mesa State graduate turned film maker is touring the country to share his new documentary called "American Meth".

Justin Hunt wrote, produced and directed the film which is narrated by Val Kilmer. The documentary takes an in–depth look at an American family struggling to escape the control of meth. This film premiered in Hunt's hometown of Farmington, New Mexico now it's spreading all over the world.

Hunt says most people he comes in contact with wonder one thing; how did he get Val Kilmer to narrate the documentary?

Hunt says, "I love that question. People always ask me how I got Val. I called him, I got his number at his ranch and I just called him up and told him about the project. A few days later they called back and said ya he'll do it"

A screening of "American Meth" will be held here in Grand Junction on May twenty fourth. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at City Markets.

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