Art and Jazz Festival Kicks Off

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The 19th annual Art and Jazz Festival kicked off Friday on Main Street in Downtown Grand Junction. Jazz bands and art exhibitors will be entertaining all weekend.

Eighty artists, eleven musical groups and tons of food, this is one jam packed event. For the artists and vendors the preparation is an event of its own. After months of preparation it's time to show off their work, but first they need to set up there spot at the festival. This is no easy job.

Artist Matt Gould says, "These shows require a lot of work and preparation takes about two to three hours, that's the most hectic part."

There are hundreds of details that must be ironed out perfectly and once that's all done it's time to sit back and relax as the spectators flow in. Dozens got an early start scoping out the art and taking in the music.

Spectator Steve Wallace says "It's nice to see all of the variety and there are some really unique things out here, just beautiful."

Main Street will be closed down for the festival between Third Street and Seventh Street through Sunday. 11 News is a proud sponsor of the Art and Jazz Festival. For an outline of festival events visit:

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