Suspect in Amtrack Train Evacuation Released

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Denver (AP) The FBI has released a man suspected of causing the evacuation of an Amtrak passenger train passenger west of Denver Sunday night.

The train's crew alerted authorities after the passenger made claims he had a weapon and bomb. The train with about 220 passengers was evacuated in Arvada.

Special Agent Rene Vonderhaar of the Denver FBI office says the man was let go Monday morning after several hours of questioning.

The FBI calls the incident a “complete misunderstanding.''

Vonderhaar now says there never actually was a threat on the train.

Arvada police, Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies and the FBI all took part in a thorough investigation and interviewed the man extensively, then released him.

The man was on his way to a vacation. He was taken to Denver International Airport to board a flight.

His name and hometown have not been released.

The evacuated passengers were bused to Union Station in Downtown
Denver, where they waited for the same train to pick them up a while later.

The train departed again about 4:45 a.m.

There's no word on what was in the man's bag, or why a bomb-sniffing dog focused on it for a time.

The California Zephyr train travels each day from Emeryville, California to Chicago.

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