Child Feared Dead After Flash Flood Sweeps Away Stroller

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Denver (AP) A Denver Fire Department dive team is once again searching the Platte River for a 2-year-old swept away in a flash flood Monday. Firefighters say they're hoping for a miracle, but believe that the toddler who was in a stroller, may have died.

Denver Fire Department Spokesman Lieutenant Phil Champagne says the child was one of two people missing after an afternoon thunderstorm dropped about an inch and a half across the metro area in about an hour -- causing flash floods that also flooded streets and stranded motorists.

In South Denver, a police officer managed to rescue a teenager caught in a creek that runs through Bible Park. Another teenager, apparently trying to help was swept away and remained missing.

Just west of downtown, a young mother and her child were out for a stroll in sunny weather with highs in the 70s when the thunderstorm developed. She was walking on a bike path that runs along a creek when a torrent of water came through, knocking her down and sweeping away her child.

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