Walker Field No More

Walker Field Airport's board unanimously decided Tuesday to change its name to Grand Junction Regional Airport.

The idea of renaming the airport has been under fire for several days but despite some objections, the board went ahead with the change.

There were some in the crowd who came in defense of Walter Walker, whom the airport was named after in 1942, saying local history needs to be preserved.

Others say the board was not forthright in the process.

However, airport board members say with a $20M project happening to the airport's entrance, $700,000 of which will be new signage, the time to make the decision was now.

The airport's board is an independent body and not bound to report to any local governmental body.

The name change was in place with the passing of Tuesday's resolution and board members say the decision was also based on trying to have regional recognition to boost business throughout the Grand Valley.

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