Staying Safe On A Raging River

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The season for recreating on the river is upon us and unfortunately this tragic situation is a reminder to anyone thinking about taking on the whitewater to take the proper precautions.

The Colorado River can be very unpredictable and cold, especially at this time of year when spring run off is at its peak. So preparation is the most important thing. First and foremost always wear a personal floatation device. In this weekend's river accident the victim wasn't wearing one and the other person in the raft had a vest on and he made it out, according to the Mesa County Search and Rescue Team.

In the case someone does go overboard a rope is a good thing to have on hand. Experts say its best to prepare as if you are going to flip over. To do that they say you should get in the water, flip your watercraft over and then practice getting back in.

Officials say that right now the currents are very strong and unpredictable so you always need to be prepared. It seems that there's no such thing as spending a lazy day on the river.