Arsonist May Face Longest Sentence for Environmental Sabotage

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Eugene, Ore. (AP) A man who pleaded guilty to setting fire to buildings on Vail mountain in 1998 is set to learn his sentence Tuesday in federal court in Eugene, Oregon.

A government sentencing memo calls 29-year-old Stanislas Meyerhoff a career anarchist, and recommends a sentence of nearly 16 years behind bars.

Meyerhoff, along with Chelsea Dawn Gerlach, have pleaded guilty to some of the $20 million worth of arsons between 1996 and 2001 by a Eugene-based cell of the Earth Liberation Front known as The Family.

The Vail fires alone caused $12 million damage, leveling the Two Elk Lodge and Restaurant on top of Vail Mountain. The fires also razed a ski patrol headquarters and several lift buildings.

Gerlach is scheduled for sentencing on Friday.