Ritter's Renewable Energy Package Making its Way Into Law

The Rocky Mountains can be seen in the distance as wind mills generate electricity at the Ponnequin Wind Farm near Carr, Colo., on Monday, Jan. 29, 2007. A new report by two environmental groups warns that plans for more coal-fired power plants in the Southwest will worsen the threat of global warming and undermine the states' conservation efforts. A spokesman for a major Western electricity supply say that coal is economic and reliable but utilities are looking for ways to expand their use of renewable energy. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)
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Denver (AP) He promised a “new energy economy.''

Now this week, Governor Ritter will sign a half-dozen measures encouraging Coloradans to make more renewable energy and consume less fuel.

The Democrat signed a bill that rewards utilities for promoting energy conservation through incentives. Similar proposals were vetoed twice by his Republican predecessor, Bill Owens.

Ritter today plans to sign measures to promote recycling and biofuels development, encourage construction of transmission lines from solar and wind farms, and provide tax credits for renewable energy.

Ritter made renewable energy a key part of his election campaign last year.