People Pawning And Siphoning To Fill Up The Tank

With gas prices at an all time high, law enforcement is seeing a spike in the number of gas siphoning cases. From siphoning, to pawning; some people are taking desperate measures to fill up the tank.

A month ago the average cost to fill a 15 gallon tank was $42.44. According to AAA it costs $49.90 today. With gas prices this high, many are looking at ways to make some quick cash so they can fill up.

Pawn shops across Grand Junction have noticed more people coming in to pawn things so that they can make some gas money.

But while some are pawning everything from DVDs to guitars, others are going to dangerous extremes.

Police are investigating at least four gas siphoning cases, including one that happened early Wednesday morning. Police Spokesperson Linda Bowman says the cases may be connected but are still under investigation.

In many cases siphoning gas carries a felony charge. But it's not only a crime; it's a health hazard. Bowman says it's extremely dangerous to siphon gas out of a gas tank because you could poison or suffocate yourself.

There are ways to ward off thieves. Many retailers sell locking gas caps. They cost anywhere from $15 - $30 and are easy to use.

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