School Year Wrap Up

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Another school year is officially in the books and District 51 officials say it was a successful year.

Officials were hoping that with the addition of three new schools and by replacing two others there would be room to grow, but at the start of the school year all of them opened at or very near capacity. School District 51's Long Range Planning Committee estimates that next year an additional 600 students will enroll for school and an additional 600 the year after that. To manage the growth the District plans to build an additional school Downtown at its Columbine site. They've also bought several plots of land to build future schools on.

Along with managing growth, the District also had several personnel issues to deal with this year. For example, former Grand Junction High School Athletic Director, John Walker resigning after being arrested for allegedly trying to solicit a minor on-line for sex.

School District 51 Spokesperson Jeff Kirtland says with three thousand employees you're bound to run into issues like this and he feels the district handled the situation well.

Now during the summer many District 51 teachers will continue to teach the more than 18 hundred students enrolled in the extended hours program.

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