Boy Expelled After Bringing Handgun to School

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Florence, Colo. (AP) A 14-year-old boy who took a handgun to school in Florence after an older student threatened him has been expelled for a year.

Florence School Superintendent John Merriam says authorities found the weapon in the student's backpack at Fremont Middle School last Friday after a tip from another student.

Merriam says police found a nine-millimeter handgun along with an ammunition clip and a bullet that apparently had been removed from the chamber.

The boy's name wasn't released.

He is barred from school grounds for 12 months but will be tutored about six hours a week at district expense, as state law requires.

Merriam says the boy was afraid of a 15-year-old who had been suspended for allegedly making threats.

Merriam also says the 14-year-old was honest about what happened and made no excuses, but the punishment was mandatory.

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