Travelers Hit the Road Despite Gas Prices

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This weekend is a busy travel weekend and gas prices are at an all time high, but these high prices aren't affecting plans for most travelers.

Car after car pulls in to fill up, spending 30, 60, 70 dollars. Still people from all over the country are taking road trips. Whether near of far, hitting the road or lake takes a hard hit on the wallet these days. Some people who are taking road trips say they expect to spend about five hundred dollars round trip.

Yet, some people have decided to stay a little closer to home. High-line Lake State Park is packed, but people here are saying that its not gas prices that have kept them in the area. Most say they are at the park
simply because they love it, not to save on gas. Although while those other travelers are spending four, five and six hundred dollars those who came here will leave here with a lot more than a tan.

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