Grand Junction Standoff Ends Peacefully

A nearly seven hour standoff with a man who barricaded himself inside his Grand Junction home ends peacefully when the suspect surrenders to police.

Around 2 o'clock on Saturday morning police were called to a domestic violence incident. The person who called 9–1–1 said that 25 year old Thoran Martinez was fighting with a female and that he was inside the home with a small child and a weapon.

Martinez refused to talk with officers and because he was thought to have a weapon, S.W.A.T officers were called in. Police sent out a reverse 9–1–1 to neighbors advising that they get shelter until the incident was over. This did come to an end at around 6:42 Saturday morning when Martinez surrendered to officers.

The female and child were then reunited. The child did not sustain any injuries.

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