Searchers: Dead Or Alive, Bring Him Home To His Family

More than 50 volunteers and family members continued searching Monday for a diabetic man who has been missing for more than a week.

Whether 20–year–old John Atchley is alive or not, searchers say the most important thing is to bring him home to his family so they can have closure.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is looking into other means to search the canal where Atchley was last seen. They drug the canal on Saturday but were unsuccessful in their efforts and now they're researching new methods. Specific information about the alternative search procedures aren't being released because officials say they're still looking into whether these alternatives are even possible.

Anyone with information about Atchley is asked to call the Mesa County Sheriff's Office at 244 – 3500

Atchely was last seen on Friday, May 18th at a party at 3004 Ellendale Drive.