Contact Lens Solution Recall

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A warning about a contact lens solution with an elevated risk of causing eye infections with serious side effects.

Advanced Medical Optics is voluntarily recalling its product Complete Moisture Plus.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says people who use complete Moisture Plus are at least seven times more likely to get a parasitic eye infection called Acanthamoeba Keratitis or AK.

The two main signs of a serious eye infection are vision changes or problems with eye pain.

The same symptoms the CDC says 138 people in 35 different states and Puerto Rico had after becoming infected with AK.

When left untreated the parasite that causes AK can burrow into your eye's cornea where its damage can lead to blindness.

But, Doctor Chris Saucedo of Scripps Green Hospital says don't wait to see your eye doctor if you have eye pain or vision problems, instead he recommends you go straight to the emergency room.

AK is typically found in water, sewer systems, and air conditioners. The company said on its website: "AK infections usually happen when people improperly handle or store their contact lenses.”

Consumers who believe they are in possession of the recalled product should discontinue use immediately and call 1-888-899-9183.

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