Man Under Quarantine Could be Coming to Colorado

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Denver (AP) The man quarantined as a public health risk because he has a dangerous form of Tuberculosis could be coming to Colorado for treatment.

The unidentified man is reportedly set to be treated at National Jewish Hospital in Denver.

It’s the first time in more than four decades that government health officials have quarantied a citizen as a public health risk.

The infected man flew from Atlanta to Paris on May 12th aboard Air France flight 385. He returned to North America on May 24th aboard Czech Air flight 104 from Prague to Montreal. The man then drove into the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control is urging people on the same flights to get checked for tuberculosis.

Officials say the man cooperated with authorities after learning he had an unusually dangerous form of TB. They also say he voluntarily went to a hospital and is not facing prosecution

The man tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he went to Europe because he didn't want to call off his wedding.

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