Despite Prices At The Pump Volunteers Drive On

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On average, Coloradans are paying $3.33 for a gallon of regular unleaded, that's one cent less than last week. But the slight decrease is hardly any relief for volunteers who use their cars to deliver food to the elderly.

Mary Stouph is 91-years-old, and like many homebound senior citizens in Mesa County, she relies on Gray Gourmet for nutritious meals.

It costs about $5.50 a day to provide Mary with lunch. But it's costing Gray Gourmet volunteers like Keith Holm even more just to get the food out to her. Some volunteers are finding it's hard to come up with that extra cash for gas. Holm says it's especially hard for those on fixed incomes.

Nearly 230 people volunteer with Gray Gourmet, and Project Manager Sharon Meiklejohn says the recent price hike has some volunteers asking for reimbursement. The food service provider reimburses volunteers at a rate of 40 1/2 cents per mile.

But if Governor Bill Ritter signs House Bill 1100 into law, volunteers may get reimbursed more.

But no matter what happens at the pump, volunteers say no price is too high to get Mary and others like her what they need.

Gray Gourmet is always in need of more volunteers. If you have even just one day a week to volunteer they could use you, call 243–9844 for more information.

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