Man Described as a Top Spammer Arrested

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Seattle (AP) Notice that you're getting less spam in your e-mail today?

That could be because federal prosecutors in Seattle say they've arrested one of the world's top spammers

As a result, federal authorities say computer users across the web could notice a decrease in the amount of junk e-mail.

Robert Soloway is accused of using networks of compromised ``zombie'' computers to send out millions upon millions of spam e-mails.

A senior director of Microsoft's worldwide internet safety programs describes Soloway as `` one of the top ten spammers in the world.''

A federal grand jury last week returned a 35-count indictment against Soloway charging him with mail fraud, wire fraud, e-mail fraud, aggravated identity theft and money laundering.

Soloway has pleaded not guilty to all charges. He remains in federal detention pending a hearing Monday.