Utah Couple Accused of Kidnapping Their Daughter Could Plead

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Provo, Utah (AP) A Southern Utah couple accused of kidnapping their daughter and driving her to Grand Junction to prevent her from getting married may strike a deal with prosecutors.

Defense attorney Rhome Zabriskie told Utah's Fourth District Judge James Taylor that there have been some constructive talks for ways to resolve the case.

Zabriskie is representing 60-year-old Lemuel Redd and 57-year-old Julia Redd of Monticello, Utah, who are charged with second-degree felony kidnapping.

Twenty-one-year-old Julianna Myers says her parents drove her 200 miles to Colorado instead of taking her to purchase religious undergarments on August fourth, the eve of the wedding.

She claims her parents used force to get her back in a minivan.

A family members says Myers and her husband could not attend yesterday's hearing because they were at home in Saint George, Utah, with their three-week-old daughter.

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