Three Found Dead After Plunging Off Cliff

Three men are dead after they drove an SUV off a 125 foot cliff just north of Craig Friday morning.

The three were found at the bottom the cliff trapped inside a Jeep Cherokee. All were pronounced dead at the scene.

Craig Police Chief Walt Vanatta says his department is still investigating the crash. He says the Jeep was driving down a dirt road that dead ends on top of a cliff in an area known as Sandrocks.

“There’s no indication of speeding or reckless driving,” but there are some indications that alcohol may have played a part," Vanatta said. “We may never know what happened.”

He added the only ones who would know are in the car, “and they’re dead.”

Vanatta said one person witnessed the crash and they are still interviewing the witness.

All three men were from Craig residents. 28 year old Waylon Owens, 32 year old David Kim Johnston and 31 year old Jaron Green died in the crash.

Autopsies are scheduled this weekend.

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