Gas Prices Affecting The Floor You Walk On

Many are feeling the pain at the pump, but what's more is, the price of gas might be costing you extra in places you don't expect, like the floor.

A year ago it costs $41.80 to fill a 15 gallon tank. Today that price is up to $49.42 according to AAA. But did you know the increase has made the price of carpet go up 10 to 20 percent? That's right, you can add this petroleum based product to the list of things affected by high gas prices.

According to Abbey Carpet Sales Manager Pat Smith, with the increase in gas prices it not only affects carpet, but it also affects tile and hardwood flooring. Smith says the biggest place you see the impact is on shipping.

Smith says freight costs have skyrocketed. Smith says one delivery costs them $400 more than they had expected.

When the price of oil doubled a couple of years ago so did the price of carpet. Today the increase has manufacturers looking at new ways to cut costs. Recycled carpet, pop bottles and corn are some of the most popular alternative materials on the market.

Abbey Carpet also has a wide selection of wool carpet, which has no petroleum base in it at all.

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