Truck Stolen From Local Tire Shop

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A Grand Junction man took his truck to a local shop to get his flat tire fixed this morning and it ended up costing him his truck and more.

Gary Harney woke up on Friday morning to a flat tire, he filled it up and took it to Big O Tires to get the flat fixed, but that never happened. He was sitting outside of the shop waiting for the truck to be done and he saw it drive off. Gary asked the associates if they were taking it somewhere and they said no. He told them he saw it drive away.

Harney says, "They basically told me to call the police and that's about all they said."

Off went thousands of dollars in tools that Gary uses for his construction business and a lot of valuable personal items like keys and his address book. Now Gary is wondering how this could possibly happen.

Big O Tires Associate John Waterman says, "We line the cars up and then leave the keys in the car."

While this is done for technician convenience it turned out to work to the advantage of a crook. Now Big O Tires associates are saying they aren't responsible. Gary is currently working with his insurance agency to get this all figured out.

The missing truck is a red 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 with four doors and 20 inch rims. If you have any information please contact Crime Stoppers at 241-STOP.

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