Most Dedicated JUCO Fans

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More than one hundred thousand people headed out to Suplizio Field over the eight day run for JUCO. 11 news took to the stands this week to talk with fans and we think we have narrowed it down and found some of the longest standing fans.

Right behind home plate, this has been Jim Johns' view year after year. He has been coming out to JUCO since 1959. Since 1993 Jim has been bringing along his brother Herb and sister Joann and for almost the entire game, every game, these brothers just bicker. You see Jim likes pitching games and Herb likes a lot of runs and hits. When their bickering gets out of hand, Joann steps in and breaks it up.

Joann says, " Sometimes I just have to tell them to shut up."

Arguing aside, the Johns siblings say this time together means more than whose playing, winning or losing.

Jim says, " I cherish this because Joann was in the hospital last year and you never know what's gonna happen."

This close group says as they get older there's less time to spend together so it's become a tradition to take off work for the week and head to JUCO.