A New Housing Celebration

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Residents of a new housing community in Clifton are celebrating today, not only the completion of more homes, but also the 30th anniversary of Housing Resources of Western Colorado. The organization's mission is to help provide economical housing in rural communities, and so far has helped a dream become a reality for all of the new homeowners.

A future homeowner in the new Colony Meadows subdivision in Clifton, Belinda Bradfield, is excited and says, "We're all gonna be great neighbors. We're pretty good friends already, it's been nice."

These neighbors have worked together in groups of ten to build not just their own homes, but each others.

Belinda says they all have learned a lot in their new part time job as home builders.

"I know a lot of times people think about you know when something goes wrong in the home. I have no idea, I just know my lights are flickering and you know where the problem would be this way because you seen everything being done."

Dan Whalen of Housing Resources of Western Colorado says, "Working together creates community. Home ownership creates a bigger broader community."

Pattie Snidow is the USDA Rural Development Area Director of Colorado and says this project is a more economical way for these families to be able to afford their own homes to raise families in.

"People particularly who couldn't get into homes otherwise really in an area where prices are sky rocketing and it's difficult."

The Colony Meadows Subdivision, when completed, will have 38 homes and so far has more than half completed.

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