Grand Junction Regional Upgrades Screening Tech

Grand Junction Regional Airport welcomes a new dawn of security which will have several effects, besides protecting passengers.

The airport is seeing plenty of change, from exterior construction to its recent name change. But just 11 days ago, the Transportation Security Administration installed machines to not only screen baggage, but make your travel life a little easier.

The old way to screen checked luggage at Grand Junction Regional Airport was by hand, but now.three Reveal CT–80 X–ray machines, capable of detecting explosive residue, will reorganize the way you check in.

While the old method is 100 percent effective in detection, the new machines are right in line with the 10-12 percent growth the airport is seeing each year and will double output.

"This system's output is about 120 bags an hour. The previous system, with two people working at one station, the output was about 60 an hour," Rene Dhenin, the Federal Security Director for the airport said.

The TSA has put 112 of these machines in just 37 airports in the U.S., truly making Grand Junction the first line of defense in passenger protection.

The technology just installed is not brand new, they were certified by the TSA in 2004 and the installation in Grand Junction coincides with construction being done in the terminal. The total cost of the machines and the project is about $1.5M.

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