Palisade's Mayor Resigns

Palisade Mayor Doug Edwards resigned Monday, a year before his term officially ends but says his reasoning is family oriented.

Edwards is moving to Syracuse, UT, where much of his family lives and while the move was on Edwards' radar for his post political life he says the opportunity was now and that he had to take it.

The Mayor came into office in April of 2004 and handed in his resignation Monday.

He says he has worked with many great leaders throughout the
Grand Valley during his time in office and while there has been progress in Palisade, he adds there is sadness because there are some things in which the mayor had direct input on and will not see them become reality.

Edwards' resignation will be officially recognized by the town's board during its next meeting on June 12th. Mayor Pro Tem Dave Walker will then fill the mayoral shoes.

However, it's unknown whether the board will simply appoint a new mayor or hold an election.